Question Con 3

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There are LOTS of things that men don't - and never will - understand about women, and vice versa.  Certain things are easy to get over, but there are certain things that are really annoying.  Here are a few:


-A woman in a position of power (such as a boss) is considered a "bitch" for being assertive, while a man in power is just "driven."


-Slut Shaming - women who date a bunch of different people before they settle down can be considered a slut, while a man is just a stud or a ladies man.


-PMS - this is a big one, guys.  TRUST ME, you have no idea what this whole process is like, and from many different angles, it SUCKS.  So when it's "that time of the month," and we're a little cranky - don't tease us, or act cranky back - just be nice. 


-Women with gas.  I'm not necessarily talking about farting.  I burp a lot.  I avoid carbonation, but it still happens.  And I could probably out-belch most of my guy friends.  But, because I'm a woman, this is "gross."  Why?  Guys do it all the time and it's funny.  (Yes, I'm generalizing, because I know there are people who think it's gross no matter what.)  Stop it with the double standards.


-Not always having orgasms.  Enough said.