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LOVE This Shirt About Dads "Babysitting"

Cause it's actually called parenting...
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What Adults Do At Work - According to Kids

Oh, this should be good!
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Salmon Could Save Us From Sugar Damage

Omega-3s and DHA can reverse the damage from eating too much sugar.
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We're Driving Hope for Golisano Children's Hospital!

Find out how you can help the kids!!
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Your Job Might Affect Your Fertility

The impact of income level and job type on IVF success.
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WATCH: People Try To Steal Phone; Get What They Deserve

LOL! A must-watch.
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New York Airport Opens a Pet Potty

JFK's Terminal 4 now has a place for pets to go to the bathroom.
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How To Stop Biting Your Nails Once & For All

Kick the nail-biting habit before you do permanent damage.
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More Good News For Women Who Love Coffee

A healthy coffee habit could prevent cancer for some.
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WATCH: Guy Sings Miley Cyrus While Impersonating Celebs & Cartoons

This guy's got talent!
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