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The Do's & Don't's of Treating a Sunburn

What you need to know about taking care of your sunburn.
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WATCH: Mila Kunis Got Wedding Bands on Etsy

Adorable! I couldn't love her more!
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Binge Watching TV Could Kill You

Watching too much TV increases risk of blood clots to lungs.
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Best Pre-Workout Snacks

What you should be eating before your workout and WHY.
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Instagram Account Documents Every Outfit Worn on "Sex & the City"

Need to follow, ASAP.
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M&M's Announce New Flavor

It's official! Coffee Nut is here to stay!
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WATCH: Epic Movie Dance Scene Edit to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling"

It's certainly a good song to dance to!
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It's Finally Happened: Study Links Alcohol To Cancer

New study suggests drinking alcohol is linked to seven different types of cancer.
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WATCH: New "Walking Dead" Season 7 Trailer From Comic Con

Long live King Ezekiel!
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How To Get More Out of Your Workday

A few ways you can squeeze more into your 9 to 5.
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