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Americans Are Broke But Have Too Much Stuff

Survey finds most people are wasting their money on things they don't need.
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New Photos of Live-Action "Beauty and the Beast"

LumiƩre & Cogsworth!!
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Kids Do Better in School If Their Teacher is Hot

The key to a successful school year for your kids? Hot teachers, apparently.
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MOVIE REVIEW: "Sausage Party"

Find out what I thought of the Seth Rogan movie.
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How Soon Is TOO Soon For Fall??

I may have gotten a little carried away over the weekend...
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If You Want To Remember Something, Draw It

You're more likely to remember something if you DRAW it, instead of writing it down.
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The Real Cost of Owning a Dog

You might love dogs and want one REALLY bad, but they certainly aren't cheap.
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The Biggest Excuse When Men Are Cheating

Read the top excuses men use when they're being unfaithful.
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The Most Perfect Throwback School Picture

This girl's school allows students to get creative with their ID pics, and boy, she sure did!
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Can Instagram Tell If You're Depressed?

Instagram knows how you're feeling.
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