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Rochester's New Home for Elvis Duran!



Construction Worker Hides Waldo Every Day For Kids At Hospital Next Door To Find

The world needs more people like this guy!!
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An 86 Year Old Woman Uses BACON to Fight Off A Thief

Bacon - the new theft deterrent!
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"Making A Murderer:" More Episodes!

Netflix announces new episodes about Steven Avery. Photo credit: iHeartRadio Network
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WATCH: Grannies Play Pie Face!

Love this game!
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Would You Rather Lose Your Car...Or All The Photos On Your Phone?

Most people would give up their CAR for their pics.
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SURVEY: 100% of Men Want Help Picking Clothes For A Date

Does your guy ask for help when choosing what to wear on a date?
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There's a New Soda Infused with Krispy Kreme Donuts

In a word: Diabetes. Photo credit: Getty Images
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Diet Soda Increases Your Appetite

Fake sugar makes you hungrier.
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Starbucks Adds Summer Drinks To Their Menu

They're heeeere!
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Foods That Don't Deserve Their Healthy Reputation

How nutritionists feel about the foods people usually consider healthy.
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