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Career Experts Are Giving The Green Light To Tell These Three Lies On Your Resume

Source: Getty Images We’ve all heard that it’s a terrible idea to lie on your resume, for so many reasons. “It’s too easy—especially these days with...
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The One Food You Need to Eat If You Want Your Baby to Be A Girl

Source: Getty Images There are plenty of old wives’ tales out there about pregnancy and choosing the gender of a baby. There’s advice about what position and how often you...
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Candy Is King On Valentine's Day

Source: Getty Images Buying your loved one a heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day may not seem special enough to some people, but it turns out, most folks are...
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Daily Rundown 2.10.16

Source: Getty Images Khloé Kardashian is on OK Cupid.   Get more info . Kanye thinks Bill Cosby is innocent.   Read more here . Is Tori Spelling paying Dean...
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How to Look Refreshed First Thing in the Morning, No Makeup Required

Source: Getty Images As much as we’d like to wake up looking as good as the selfies on our social media claim we do, the reality is that we don’t. And even if you are a...
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How to Buy a Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day Gift

Source: Getty Images When it comes to selecting a Valentine’s Day present, there are all the normal, predictable choices, like perfume, roses and chocolate. But what if...
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Most Americans Favor Cheap Engagement Rings

Source: Getty Images Yesterday I told you that a recent survey found that women think an appropriate amount to spend on an engagement ring is $2,731, while men think it’s around...
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Daily Rundown 2.9.16

Source: Getty Images Woody Harrelson wants to (legally) sell weed.   Get more info . Teresa Guidice opens up about life after prison.   Read more here . Kris Jenner is...
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Twitter Breathes a Sigh of Relief

Source: Getty Images Twitter fans are likely breathing a sigh of relief, following a report the social networking site had planned to change the way users see their timeline. Buzzfeed...
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An Engagement Ring Should Cost WHAT?

Source: Getty Images With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there may be some men out there thinking of popping the question, and how you do it may be important, but what will...
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