Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes that an expansion of gambling in New York begin with three casinos upstate and none in New York City. The state Legislature is expected this year to consider final passage of an amendment to the state constitution that would allow up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos beyond Indian land. If approved by lawmakers, voters could make a final decision on the amendment in November. Cuomo, in his State of the State message Wednesday, said he would propose a ``phase one'' plan focusing on three upstate casinos. The governor said he wants to bring visitors from downstate and other states to upstate areas. A gaming commission would pick the best locations and revenues would be split 90 percent for education and 10 percent for property tax relief. []


President and guests will dine on food and wine from Rochester and Finger Lakes at inauguration

New York wine and food will again be part of presidential inauguration in the celebration for President Barack Obama on Jan. 21. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer says the New York fare will be part of a traditional luncheon that will include the president, Vice President Joe Biden and congressional leaders. The menu will include a wine from the Finger Lakes Region and another from Long Island; cheese from Cooperstown; honey from Rochester; apples from Columbia County for apple pie; and maple syrup from Dutchess County. Schumer is again chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and picked the menu. The wine will include a Tierce 2010 Finger Lakes Dry Riesling and a 2009 Merlot from the North Fork of Long Island. []

Man who spent the past 60 years looking for his long-lost sister finds her thanks to an 8 year-old neighbor who did a Facebook search that took about five seconds.

Man transforms himself into a smoking hot woman, makes a neat time lapse video of the three-year procedure (w/video).

School field trips are fun-filled days in which many happy memories are formed, except for the time the teachers made you squat and piss in a cup at the front of the bus.

The First Amendment doesn't protect Piers Morgan from deportation, but it does protect him from finding a real job.

Dutch official suggests water saving technique that most of us have already been doing for years.

TV programming chiefs can't understand why people aren't watching their comedies, have obviously never tried watching their comedies to get the answer