Time to preemptively ruin your summer!  The CDC just released a new report on public POOLS, and found that in 58% of the pool water they tested . . . there was FECAL CONTAMINATION.  In other words, when you jump into a pool, there's a 58% chance you're jumping into other people's feces.

All of the pools with fecal matter tested positive for E. coli.  The CDC says, quote, "Swimmers frequently contaminate pool water when they have a fecal incident in the water or when feces rinse off their bodies because they do not shower thoroughly."

2% of the pools had other types of fecal bacteria that can cause diarrhea and get you sick.  59% of pools had the bacteria that can cause rashes or ear infections.

The good news is that you can probably avoid infections unless you swallow a lot of pool water or eat without washing your hands after you swim.

We've got one more note on the cesspool of bacteria surrounding you in life.  We've heard things like this before, but a new study found that your PURSE has more bacteria in it and on it than your toilet.

(CDC / CBS 2 - New York)