Samantha, 27, and Kally Mabe lesbian couple school expell 5 year old son

Really? In this day and age? Kally and Samantha Mabe, a same-sex couple from Mpumalanga, South Africa, were appalled after their son’s Christian school gave them an insensitive ultimatum. According to Care 2, the pastor at Highveld Christian Schoolinformed the lesbian couple that they should divorce if they wanted to keep their son at the school. The Mabes had informed the school of their marital status prior to their son’s enrollment. Months after the Mabes paid for their son’s tuition, the boy’s teacher confronted the principal after he casually mentioned that he had two mothers. The principal told the Mabes that allowing their son to remain at the school would force them to change their moral ethos. It doesn’t really sound like they have one. [IWIDK]