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Members of the band Bloodhound Gang are facing a criminal investigation in Russia for the on-stage antics they pulled with the country's flag earlier this summer. 

According to the BBC, Russia's Investigative Committee - sometimes referred to as the Russian FBI - has accused frontman James Moyer Franks and bassist Jared Hennegan of "inciting hatred." 

The accusation stems from the rockers' July 30th show in Ukraine, when Hennegan stuffed a Russian flag down the front of his pants and then pulled it out of the back. 

Franks is also said to have shouted insulting expressions against Russia during the incident, which was caught on tape and posted online.  The committee claims the stunt was part of a plot to carry out acts aimed at humiliating the human dignity of Russia's citizens. 

After the Ukraine show, Hennegan, Franks, and the rest of the Bloodhound Gang were banned from a festival in Russia they were scheduled to play a few days later.  But with the new charges, Hennegan and Franks are reportedly now looking at a maximum sentence of five years. 

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