New test results show most New York elementary and middle school students still aren't on track to graduate ready for college.

State Education Department officials have released the results of English and math tests given to students in grades three and grade eight in April, the second year of testing based on the Common Core curriculum most states are now using. This is the first full year for the curriculum in English and math so nobody was expecting too much. But the state says it sees improvement in math scores across all race and economic categories.

There was no corresponding improvement in English skills. 31 percent -- or fewer than one-third of students -- scored well enough to be considered "proficient" and on track to graduate ready for college. 36 percent were proficient in math compared with 31 percent last year.

Rochester School Superintendent Bolgen Vargas told 13 WHAM Rochester saw the same trend as did the other "Big 5" school districts.

In Rochester, the percentage of students scoring at the highest levels in Math improved from 4.8 to 6.8 percent. The percentage scoring high in English was essentially unchanged, increasing by one tenth of a point.

Vargas says this shows some positive movement, but Rochester has a long way to go.