Gates, N.Y -- No deal. The union representing close to 900 Wegmans truck drivers and warehouse workers have overwhelming rejected the company’s contract offer.

It was an deal that Wegmans last what called its "last best and final contract offer. The two sides have been in contract negotiations for 6 months. Wegmans’ offer included an immediate $1,000 lump sum payment for full-time employees ($500 for part-time); an 18% pay increase over the life of the six-year contract; a move to Wegmans fully-funded Retirement Plan, and a generous package of retirement assistance options valued at over $10 million.

CEO Danny Wegman says it is t is extremely frustrating that the Teamsters’ desire to keep Wegmans from leaving its troubled pension fund put our employees in the position it did,"

 Wegmans does say that, in the event of a strike, they have a plan in place that will o ensure that stores remain open without any interruption.