(13WHAM) Greece, N.Y.— “Dreams do come true.”

It wasn’t even 30 minutes after 21-year-old Justin Presciutti uttered these words on Friday morning, when Justin’s father received a call from a producer working on the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie.

Two weeks ago, 13WHAM News introduced you to Justin — an extraordinary fan of Spider-Man.

Justin has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and because of his condition, he has to be in a wheelchair. That’s why he lives vicariously though his favorite superhero, Spider-Man.

His room is decked wall-to-wall with Spider-Man toys and memorabilia. When news spread that a scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie would be shot in Rochester, Justin wanted nothing more than to be a part of the movie.

A Facebook page dedicated to getting the attention of the movie’s producers and casting agents was created for Justin and in just a short time, the page has amassed over 800 “Likes”.

Justin’s father Ralph admits that he was getting nervous since Justin didn’t receive a call and the first day of filming was just four days away.

Any uncertainty was gone by Friday though. According to Ralph, the producer had seen all the videos and Facebook posts about Justin and they asked him to be an extra for all ten days of the filming.

Needless to say, Justin is ecstatic and is grateful for the support he’s received over the past few weeks.