Rochester N.Y.- Rochester  Deputy Mayor Leonard Redon was arrested last night for drunken driving after speeding stop on 490 near Clinton Avenue.


The Warren Administration issued the following statement.

"Deputy Mayor Redon informed Mayor Warren at approximately 1 a.m. and offered his most sincere apologies to both the Mayor and to the people of Rochester.  The Mayor met with Deputy Mayor Redon this morning where they discussed his lapse in judgment and possible resignation. After speaking with the Deputy Mayor and learning of his newly diagnosed medical condition which may have affected his decision-making, they jointly concluded that he should take several of his allotted personal days to seek counseling from his personal physician. The Deputy Mayor has no history of alcoholism or previous arrests for DWI or DUI.  This information is not intended to minimize the seriousness of the issue in any way. 

Mayor Warren said, "While I am very disappointed in this turn of events and the Deputy Mayor's lapse in judgment, I have accepted his apology. Leonard Redon is a valued member of my team who is doing good work on behalf of the people of Rochester.  I know he is sincerely regretful for the embarrassment he has caused for the city, for me and for himself and will take steps to assure that it never happens again." 

"There is an important lesson for everyone here," she continued. "Drinking and driving is never an acceptable choice. It puts everyone in danger," she concluded."