The Ontario County Sheriff's Office has two accidental shootings under investigation.

They say Nicholas Tavano told them he was cleaning his 40 caliber semi automatic pistol when it went off, shooting him through the knee. Other family members were home but weren't injured.

Tavano was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital for surgery and he's in guarded condition in the Intensive Care Unit. The incident remains under investigation.

The second case was a hunting accident.

Kevin Perrin of Canandaigua was hunting with a 44 caliber revolver holstered on his belt. He went to step over a fallen log and the gun discharged. Deputies think a branch may have gotten stuck in the trigger guard.

Perrin was hit in the right leg, but managed to get himself out of the woods and call his hunting partners by 2-way radio. They drove him to FF Thompson Memorial Hospital in Canandaigua, and from there he was transferred to Strong.

Deputies say the gun is legally registered and no charges will be filed.